Network Functions Virtualization

Ribbon’s portfolio of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and VNF Management (VNFM) is designed to help service providers achieve the goals of NFV. Ribbon VNFs are designed as cloud native microservices that ensure automation, orchestration, elasticity and scalability in geo-distributed, multi-cloud, core and edge topologies.

Ribbon develops solutions that are aligned with both ETSI and ONAP.

Virtual Network Functions

Ribbons’ Virtual Network Functions portfolio consists of carrier grade, high-performance, real time communications applications for: VoIP session control, media management and transcoding, Diameter signaqling, messaging and UC applications.

Virtual Network Function Manager

Ribbon's VNF Manager (VNFM) is a generic VNF management framework managing lifecycle management of multiple Ribbon and third party VNFs. It enables seamless interworking with different network orchestrators and virtualization infrastructure managers via open APIs to ensure elastic scalability of VNF’s based on dynamic network load and/or provisioning state. 

NFV Ecosystems

Ribbon has established NFV interoperability partnerships with industry-leading NFV vendors for both the NFVI and MANO layers and done interoperability testing with Wind River Titanium Cloud, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Intel Network Builders, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OpenNFV, and Canonical V-PIL. Through these NFV ecosystem partnerships, Ribbon is able to deliver a NFV solution that is production ready.

Advantages of Ribbon NFV

  • Wide-ranging VNF portfolio supporting full elasticity and geo-distribution
  • Intelligent VNF management framework and open APIs streamline MANO interworking
  • Element management and analytics for VNFs to simplify operations and to provide KPIs on VNF usage and health
  • Able to deliver high-performance media interworking and transcoding solutions in an OpenStack cloud environment
  • Graceful migration path and hybrid deployment support avoids “rip and replace”
  • Flexible licensing plans accommodate elastic services and on-demand applications

Ribbon NFV Solutions