Intelligent Session Control

Building a successful Mobile solution architecture requires three critical elements: scale, flexibility and centralized intelligent session control.

When you process large amounts of mobile voice sessions every day, a scalable solution is critical. A scalable solution will lower the overall operations costs of measureable resources such as reducing power consumption and decreasing rack space as traffic volumes increase. By having a flexible platform, a mobile operator has the ability to manage a diverse set of communication methods in mobile networks. In addition, network-wide policies for routing services ensures that communications sessions (which can be voice, video or data) are delivered from point A to point B via the most efficient route in order to preserve margins and incur the least amount of cost for mobile service providers in serving their subscribers.

Intelligent Session Control Features & Benefits

  • Centralized control and provisioning
  • Reduces routing complexity and volume of changes
  • Increases routing accuracy
  • Reduce resources required to manage the network
  • Local storage of NPAC LNP data
  • Reduces expensive dips to SS7 based SCPs
  • Reduces call setup latency by avoiding external dips