Service Providers today are still challenged by aging legacy network infrastructure that is expensive to maintain, difficult to extend or past lifecycles, and posing risks. Ribbon strategically works with service providers to achieve network cost reduction, accelerate time to market, and enable new voice services to stay competitive in the changing industry landscape.

With our market-leading fixed network modernization portfolio including our Call Controllers, Media Gateways, Signaling and Application Server platforms, Ribbon provides IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) enabled portfolio of Local and Tandem/Transit solutions for service providers. Furthermore, with our turnkey Analytics solution we can deliver advanced insights into your complex networks, improve Quality of Service (QoS) and deliver Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteed to your subscribers.

Ribbon has Experts in Transformations: People, Process, Tools, Capability


Over 3000 Offices Collapsed


Over 770 Legacy Switches Transformed


Solutions Migration to Virtualization and NFV

The Time is Coming!

TDM and SONET networks are at the end of life.  The technicians are retiring, the equipment is aging, and the spares are sparse. Will your network be ready?


Virtualizing Your Core Networks

Virtualized Access and Media Gateway Control Function Deployment Options For Service Providers

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Telco Cloud Solutions

Transitioning Networks to Cloud-Native

Why Ribbon Network Transformation Solutions?

Flexible Scale to Replace CS2000, DMS, EWSD and Other Large & Small Legacy Switches with Ease

Learn how you can modernize your existing legacy TDM access network equipment to an all IP technology with this Case Study

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Fixed Network Evolution Solutions


Local Network IP

Modernize local network infrastructure for service providers to improve communications services.


Tandem Network

Helping service providers offer efficient IP-based interconnects and exploit tandem/transit network architecture.


SS7 Signaling

Combining Signaling Transfer Point and Diameter Signaling Controller functionality on the same routing platform.


Intelligent Session Control

Manage secure sessions by optimizing routing decisions and perform admission control.


Signaling Security

Enabling operators to set up/teardown calls, route SMS, and support inter-network connectivity


IP Multimedia Subsystem

Carrier grade IMS core, access and interconnect elements for fixed, cable, and mobile VoLTE networks.