Message from GENBAND’s CEO

October 14th, 2011
Charlie Vogt, President and CEO

Faced with a barrage of strategic trends that include cloud-based applications, IMS, LTE, Social Networking, and Over the Top (OTT) multimedia content delivery, many service providers are being forced to revisit their go-to-market-strategies and service offering differentiation. But to offer services anywhere, on any device, at any time, most networks must undergo IP network transformation.

IP untethers the service set from a fixed location or device and opens a wide array of choices for end user customers. Yet these new IP services will only be consumed if the network can be trusted to provide a secure, consistent and dependable level of quality.  GENBAND is uniquely positioned to provide a complete-set of products and solutions to address our customers’ innovation demands.

We continue to lead the fixed IP switching market and we are gaining momentum in both Applications and Networking.  But we are well aware that with leadership and market-share comes responsibility and expectations – and innovation is at the forefront.  We remain laser focused on transforming TDM networks to full-service IP content and new age communications networks.  By providing the platforms, tools and services necessary to transform legacy networks to IP, we are delivering granular views into network performance, and providing advanced, feature-rich services that allow you to improve your customers’ experience.

Since acquiring Nortel CVAS, in June of 2010, we have continued to aggressively ramp our R&D commitment to deliver the most advanced IP solutions to carriers around the world.  Our vision for Network Transformation is like none other, as we offer our customers the most viable and realistic path to IP.

We are aggressively investing in the areas of Networking (session technology) and advanced Application solutions.  The profile of our intelligent, common hardware modules (for Call Control, SBC and Applications) in the GENBAND GENiUS platform can be uniquely changed via software depending on the transient mix and scale requirements of your subscriber demands. Furthermore, our GENiUS platform can host any combination of IMS-ready modules, such as TAS/CAS, Call Control (i.e. AGCF/MGCF) and SBC/BGF.  

Our Application Services solution continues to gain market share, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to develop revenue producing applications through open API’s and our developer community, GENFuzion.  We are aggressively expanding our Applications capabilities to include new Social Networking experiences that will provide services beyond what the OTT players can provide today.

With these strategic investments, we are well positioned to help our customers capitalize on all of the current and future benefits of a rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape.

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