Intelligent Messaging Manager for Enterprise

Intelligent Messaging Manager’s platform delivers voicemail, web portal access, e-mail access, transcription services, fax messaging, and automated attendant services. The fully virtualized platform is completely redundant, assuring unmatched reliability.

Better Voicemail Experiences

Modern communications should offer more than "recording at the tone" and using the # key for menu access.  Intelligent Messaging Manage helps business people reconnect whether they are in the office or on the road.  Transcription options make it easy to read voicemails as text and forward on to co-workers or partners for resolution.  Access messages from traditional phones, IP phones, web portal or e-mail.

More Cost Effective

Organizations often don't appreciate the premium they are already paying for voice mail.  Inflated maintenance contracts on end of life solutions can quickly exceed the price of a new Ribbon solution, not to mention the cost savings in power and data center footprint as well as enhanced security and reliability. Intelligent Messaging Manager’s virtualized platform reduces deployment and operating expenses. IMM’s flexible user interface can emulate legacy voicemail platform commands, reducing the cost and complexity of retraining users.

Secure Platform - Ongoing Support and Screening

Ironically, many legacy voicemail servers are deployed in security conscious enterprises, running legacy operating systems built with legacy software assets.  These servers are left untouched even as millions are spent to secure similar assets. The reason?  The reality is that many IT staff are unfamiliar with their operation so they are simply afraid to touch them.  One has to hope that hackers are equally ignorant. Voicemail servers typically have access to the outside world (FTP, e-mail servers, web servers, dial tone, etc.).  It's not usual to find a voicemail server that has notification services that traverse a data center's firewall yet it has not been upgraded in years, making it far more vulnerable to security breaches than other PBX elements.  In addition, older software tends to have less stringent user policies for complex passwords and password aging, again creating greater risk. By contrast, Ribbon's IMM has regular software updates and undergoes rigorous security screening to meet Ribbon's standards and the stringent security requirements of many of IMM's existing customers.