Ribbons’ extensive Virtual Network Functions (VNF) portfolio consists of cloud-native VNFs that deliver scaleable, secure real time communications in the telco cloud:

Ribbon VNFs deliver on the true tenets of NFV supporting full virtualization, elasticity, scalability, automation and geo-distribution. VNFs can run on multiple different telco cloud virtualization infrastructures and hypervisors.

VNF Management

Ribbon VNF Manager(VNFM) performs full lifecycle management of the multiple Ribbon and third party VNFs. The VNF Manager interworks with management and orchestration (MANO) systems and virtualization infrastructure managers (VIM) in open standards-based NFV ecosystems.

Element Management

Element management for Ribbon VNFs is provided by Ribbon's Element Management System, a best-in-class, unified operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAM&P) solution.

Advantages of Ribbon NFV

  • Wide-ranging VNF portfolio supporting full elasticity and geo-distribution
  • Intelligent VNF management framework and open APIs streamline MANO interworking
  • EMS and Analytics for Ribbon VNFs ease operations and provide KPIs
  • High performance and elastic media interworking and transcoding solutions
  • Graceful migration path and hybrid deployment support avoids “rip and replace”
  • Flexible licensing plans accommodate elastic services and on-demand applications