Reduced Operating Expenses

Next Generation Intelligent Edge devices can be provisioned without the need for a costly experienced professional to be present. Zero Touch Provisioning automatically pulls configuration information from a central location when the device is connected to the wide area network (WAN). This reduces the time and cost needed for a device to be put into production.

Ribbon EdgeView Service Control Center is used to remotely configure and monitor. Call information is taken at ten second intervals and Mean Opinion Scores provided for both the local area network and WAN, helping to target where quality issues may be emanating from. Thresholds can be set to trigger alerts for proactive notification of quality issues.

Action can be taken remotely to resolve identified issues. Drill down into the details of SIP call ladder diagrams to investigate the source of issues and remotely modify configurations to correct them. There is no need to deploy service professionals to remote locations. Solving issues proactively, quickly and inexpensively increases customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Edge Solutions

EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges™ seamlessly pair with the EdgeView SCC to actively monitor, secure and optimize service quality for voice, data, and video traffic. EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges™ offer:


Automation Detection


Service Quality Monitoring


Fault Tolerance



EdgeView Service Control Center

The EdgeView Service Control Center (SCC) offers end-to-end visibility, from the MSO network to the customer premises to IP endpoints.  It can automatically provision and configure Intelligent Edge™ deployment models, give real-time alerts on service quality issues, rapidly isolate service faults and deliver advanced analytics to optimize network performance and service quality.

The EdgeView SCC is used to:

  • Provision and Manage Intelligent Edges™
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Troubleshooting and Issue Remediation
  • Reporting and Analysis

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