Solutions for Multiple-System Operators (MSO)

Over the years, the multiple-system operator (MSO) landscape has proven itself to be quite dynamic. Residential triple-play once dominated revenue opportunities. Now operators are focused on aggressively reducing operational costs of delivering services and turning their attention to new revenue-generating opportunities.

Ribbon has multiple cloud-native solutions that MSOs can deploy to create new revenue streams, without disrupting their existing network. Additionally, we have the expertise to help transform your existing network to new cloud-native architectures. Ribbon is leading the way to help MSOs significantly modernize and transform their legacy networks for services agility and operational and business effectiveness.

Cloud Native Solutions for your Core Network

When it comes to the evolution of real-time communications, MSOs are striving to achieve a more flexible, software-defined, highly elastic way of building networks. Knowing that MSOs may begin this evolution at differing starting points, Ribbon has developed its solutions to support multiple migration paths to private and public clouds. These paths work in concert with your adoption plans for NFV, SDN, and the overall cloud infrastructure. To learn more about how to transform your core network to cloud-native architectures, visit:

Increase revenues with managed service and edge service offerings

As network infrastructure evolves, MSOs can leverage a full portfolio of physical or virtual (software-only) products to extend their enterprise service offerings for SIP Trunking and UC security.  For a virtual CPE, or universal CPE deployment model, MSOs can give their enterprise customers the advanced network and security features they need without having to invest in and deploy dedicated network hardware.  

As part of our high-value services offering, Ribbon Communications helps service providers to optimize and manage hosted environments as enterprises adopt new technologies and transition to the cloud. Ribbon’s managed services solutions are used by leading service providers to effectively manage their customer’s transition to SIP-based real-time communications to achieve extraordinary business results.

Ribbon’s broad managed services portfolio includes market-leading solutions:

Cloud Communications as a Service

MSOs rely on multiple avenues to rapidly deliver communication services without requiring a multi-year network upgrade plan. With the help of Ribbon’s cloud communication offering, MSOs can move the focus away from infrastructure, to creating new ways to compete and win.

Given the breadth of competition, MSOs need a cloud provider that can enable multiple offers – and the Ribbon “Kandy” solutions are ready to deliver.  Connect to the Kandy cloud and accelerate time to market with our solutions. 


Transforming Legacy Voice Services

Ribbon has the solutions for MSOs to modernize their existing legacy voice services network to all IP technology.  With an IP architecture, MSOs can offer new voice and multimedia services to their subscribers for additional revenue, as well as substantially reduce operating costs by footprint and power consump­tion reduction.  Ribbon’s solutions allow MSOs a seamless migration without affecting their subscribers.