Ribbon solutions are standards-based, making them interoperable with thousands of different PBXs, cloud services, contact centers, phones, and more

Communication and collaboration solutions use the same networks as data traffic. As a result, they are exposed to an ever-increasing array of threats. In addition, more communications traffic traverses the Internet and other untrusted environments as communication services are increasing cloud-based and users are increasing connected outside of a traditional office. Unfortunately, bad actors are constantly looking for new ways to infiltrate enterprise networks, becoming progressively more brazen in the process. They know that communications services are another potential point of network access and that some organizations have been slow to recognize the threat, still content to focus on traditional threats profiles.

Without appropriate security measures in place, communication services can open the wider network to new threats and vulnerabilities. Conventional security devices, like firewalls, are not optimized to protect real time communications traffic such as voice and video, organizations need a specialized solution, a session border controller (SBC). All of Ribbon's SBCs provide robust interworking for multiple signaling protocols, call admission control to manage traffic levels, media management and transcoding to deliver superior audio quality. Of course, that comes in conjunction with layers of security features to protect privacy and ensure regulatory compliance.

Ribbon SBCs secure SIP sessions and protect IP communications infrastructure such as SIP trunks, cloud UC services, contact centers, PBXs, media servers, and more. Our solutions are standards-based so they interoperate with thousands of different products and cloud-based services. And Ribbon SBCs can be paired with other elements of the Ribbon portfolio to proactively respond to security threats as well interconnect thousands of sites across the globe.

Securing Communications & SIP Trunks Products


Zoom Phone

Zoom certified Session Border Controller (SBC) required to connect securely to Zoom Phone via SIP Trunks. 


SIP Trunking for Enterprise

Trasform legacy assets into one virtual communication system with site-to-site dialing and service provider.


Securing Enterprise UC

Unified communications combines different types of media and applications together for a richer user experience.


Intelligent Edge Solutions

Designed to provide high security, availability and service quality for today’s cloud-centric communications services.


Cisco Webex Gateway

Ribbon SBCs provide telecom access for Webex Calling & can also connect Webex Calling to existing on-prem PBXs


Google Voice SIP Link

Ribbon’s Google-certified SBCs enable organizations to connect Google Workspace to their choice of service providers.

Enterprise UC Migration

Cloud, Software or Hardware – It’s Your Choice

Ribbon’s Session Border Controllers operates natively in the Azure and AWS Cloud as well as on virtual machine platforms including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and Linux KVM. Organizations can rapidly deploy a Ribbon Software Edition SBC (SBC SWe & SBC SWe Edge) to connect to almost any cloud UC service to a dial tone provider – including Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone. The same solutions can also connect to popular premises PBXs and contact centers. Ribbon’s software is designed for the cloud, meaning it uses fewer cloud resources than competitive offers without sacrificing security or required media services such as media transcoding. Ribbon SBCs take fewer cloud resources, reducing an organizations monthly spend. Ribbon even offers a 30-day trial license so your organization can try it out.

Organizations with premises equipment may prefer to have a turnkey appliance. Ribbon has the most robust and scalable hardware on the market. Our heritage building SBCs for the world’s largest carriers assures the highest availability and tremendous scale that can survive withering attacks and retains its scale when media transcoding it enabled. Ribbon’s SBC 5400 and SBC 7000 deliver 75,000 and 150,000 sessions, respectively. Ribbon’s SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 are all-in-one solutions with best in-class security, media transcoding along with digital and analog port options that are ideal for PBX or contact center integration as well as supporting legacy analog devices (elevator phones, door phones, fax machines, etc.).

Ribbon Connect for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

SIP Trunking – Carrier-grade Performance

SIP trunking gives enterprises a compelling way to leverage their data bandwidth spend for voice communications. The combination of connectivity savings, capacity savings and the opportunity to consolidate total spend with a single SIP trunking provider can result in dramatic savings. Ribbon has multiple solutions to simplify the transition to SIP trunks as well as maximize cost savings.

Ribbon SBCs deliver robust SIP trunk signaling and media security including traffic policing, Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack detection and blocking, along with protection from rogue Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) traffic. Ribbon's SBC portfolio provides a complete range of solutions, from highly scalable solutions for centralized locations to cost-effective branch office options.

Ribbon SBCs are deployed in communication service providers around the globe. In fact, tens of millions SIP trunks are deployed by service providers using Ribbon solutions. That means that enterprises can count on the fact that Ribbon’s security, scale, interoperability and high availability are already proven.

Enterprise-wide Scale and Sophistication

Of course Ribbon SBCs secure tens of thousands of small business. What’s less well known is that Ribbon’s heritage of building carrier grade SBCs make them ideal for the world’s largest enterprise. Ribbon solutions secure many of the world’s leading financial intuitions, universities, airlines, hospitals, transportation & logistics organizations, hospitality providers, and more. Ribbon solutions can:

  • Encrypt communications traffic, regardless of the source
  • Create a unified network that works across multiple PBX and cloud providers
  • Solve interoperability challenges (both SIP signaling and media)
  • Simplify cloud migrations
  • Survive punishing denial of service attacks

Learn why an international law firm choose Ribbon

Session Border Controllers for Dummies

Discover why you need a session border controller in your network.

Features & Benefits of Secured Unified Communications

  • Complete security for signaling and media, including traffic policing, Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack detection and blocking and rogue Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) protection.
  • Ensure privacy on the media (SRTP) and signaling (IPSec/TLS) path without sacrificing scalability or performance.
  • By invoking “Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA) functionality the SBC can hide the underlying network addresses from bad actors attempting to infiltrate and steal mission-critical data.
  • In the event of an equipment failure, physical attack or persistent DoS/DDoS attack, strong redundancy strategy will maintain service. Additionally, a disaster recovery plan with redundant sites should also be considered to maintain continuous service availability.
  • Exploit all the benefits of SIP-based communications without sacrificing security–– connect with SIP Trunk service provider, UC cloud provider, and allow remote users to connect to corporate PBX without worrying about VPNs
  • SBC product family provides common software and management, and supports multiple deployment options
  • Enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and scalability

Stone Brewing Microsoft Teams Operator Solution Testimonal

Stone Brewing Pivots to Teams and Ribbon SBCs to Work from Home

Stone Brewing implemented Teams Direct Routing when the pandemic hit and made quick work of it with Ribbon’s Edge SBC in Azure. “Getting the connection through Azure and ensuring E911, was done extremely quickly and easily."
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Cross Connection

Cross Telephone Converts ATM Network to IP Transport with Ribbon IP Wave

Cross expanded capacity with Apollo and Neptune to change their business model from a telecom provider to a broadband provider. They are growing their network and business with DWDM and consolidating network elements all while supporting legacy services.
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Novant Health Testimonal

Novant Health Requires Zero Downtime in Their Acute Environment - Ribbon Delivers

Novant Health has 15 medical centers and more than 1,600 physicians in over 640 locations. Over 28,000 Novant team members require their phone system to be online, no matter what and the Ribbon C20 and Application Server deliver that reliability while allowing for a graceful migration from legacy systems.
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Simmons and Simmons

Simmons + Simmons Ribbon SBCs

Learn how the SBC 2000 has helped Simmons + Simmons securely connect to Teams.
Micheal Gasson - Infrastructure Manager
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