Solutions for Fixed Network Transformation

Competition within the telecommunications industry has never been greater. To ensure on-going profitability, fixed network operators must increase operating efficiency and reduce recurring real estate,power and maintenance costs. However, many telephony service providers find it difficult to evolve their business models because legacy fixed TDM networks have become expensive to maintain and difficult to extend.

Ribbon's Fixed Network Transformation solutions significantly consolidates and modernizes infrastructure and eliminates inefficiencies, providing advanced IP services that help service providers improve business and residential communications services and accelerate time-to-market, while dramatically reducing recurring power, HVAC, space and staffing costs.

Consolidate And Modernize Your Legacy Fixed Network

Ribbon's experienced end-to-end transformation portfolio enables replacement of the following legacy switches: Nortel DMS-10, DMS-100, Siemens EWSD and DCO, CISCO BTS, Ericsson AXE, Alcatel-Lucent 5ESS, GTD5, and the CS2000. With Ribbon Professional Services team, operators can further evolve and transform their communications networks from legacy environments to secure IP and cloud-based architectures running on the latest technology and software releases.  With unparalleled experience and a track record of success, Ribbon applies proven, repeatable processes, proprietary purpose-built tools, and rigorous project governance to minimize risk, prevent service interruptions and to deliver on-time and with the highest quality.

To learn more about how to consolidate and modernize your legacy switches, visit: Fixed Network Transformation Solutions


Cloud Native Solutions for your Core Network


When it comes to the evolution of real-time communications, operators are striving to achieve a more flexible, software-defined, highly elastic way of building networks. Knowing that operators may begin this evolution at differing starting points, Ribbon has developed its solutions to support multiple migration paths to private and public clouds. These paths work in concert with your adoption plans for NFV, SDN, and the overall cloud infrastructure. To learn more about how to transform your core network to cloud-native architectures, visit:

Security and Analytics for Service Providers

Service providers can leverage Ribbon solutions to improve the security the overall network operations of their RTC networks.  Ribbon has the RTC security and analytics technology, so service providers can focus on their core competencies to their customers. Ribbon's family of next-generation session border controllers (SBCs) provide robust security, simplified interoperability, advanced session management, and carrier-grade reliability for fixed, mobile, cable and interconnect/wholesale service providers. Ribbon's SBCs offer powerful deployment flexibility that enables high levels of security and service quality for applications such as SIP trunking, Unified Communications, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, RCS, and OTT. 

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Identity Assurance - Robocall and Fraud Mitigation

What do your customers do when they receive a phone call from someone they do not know or a number they do not recognize? Perhaps they answer it, but far more likely they reject it, send it to voice mail, or just ignore it. In our current telecommunications world, everyone does this, because they are barraged by spam and robocalls and assume the worst – someone wants to pitch something I do not need or want, or this will be an attempt to defraud me.

With Ribbon Call Trust you now have a solution that you enables you to restore their trust in the phone. Even if you have an extension to the FCC requirement to implement STIR/SHAKEN, you still need to comply with the mandate to have an originating robocall mitigation program in place. With Ribbon Call Trust you can commit to your customers that you can meet the FCC mandate. In addition, you can add more value by being able to provide terminating robocall and fraud mitigation so your customers will be at much less risk from bad actors trying to get their private information or trying to prey on them with money scams.