NFV & Public Cloud Applications

Migration of real-time communications to a public cloud or to a service provider's private cloud has already begun and will continue to accelerate as the economics of being cloud-based outweigh the economics of remaining on legacy infrastructure.  To ensure the security, performance, and service quality of cloud-based real-time communications, it also takes a company like Ribbon to provide core network solutions that are cloud-native.

To enable a successful migration for our customers, we have have already taken our core network portfolio from legacy hardware through virtualization to cloud-native designs that can be deployed in almost any virtual or cloud environment. 

Network Functions Virtualization

Service providers who wish to retain control over their core network functions, instead of deploying in a public cloud, will typically deploy network functions virtualization (NFV) in their private cloud environments.  NFV is intended to eliminate proprietary hardware dependencies, drive efficiency of scale, improve service agility and fundamentally improve the way service providers do business.  By delivering a suite of OpenStack-based virtual network functions (VNFs), Ribbon NFV solution helps ensure successful cloud deployments for real-time communications. 

Ribbon NFV Solutions

Public Cloud Applications

Across almost every industry the idea of deploying application workloads in a public cloud is a viable decision, because companies can achieve cost savings over deploying and maintaining infrastructure to run applications in their own private cloud environments.  However, in the telecommunications domain, one of the few application workloads that most service providers have yet to move into the public cloud is real-time communications.  One of the contributing factors has been the limited availability of core network functions, such as session border controllers, in the public cloud, but Ribbon can now eliminate that limitation.

Ribbon's Session Border Controller Software Edition (SBC SWe) can be deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with performance and high availability to match what can be implemented in private cloud environments. In addition to the SBC SWE, the Centralized Policy and Routing Software Edition (PSX SWe) can also be deployed in AWS. 

SBC as a Service

By harnessing the power of NFV it is now possible to offer Session Border Control as a Service (SBCaaS).

As a managed service, Ribbon's SBC SWe may be deployed at the edge of a service provider's cloud in a virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) deployment, or in an even more distributed manner where the SBC SWe software residing on the customer premises, deployed as a universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE).