Telecom Continues To Open Wider As NFV Ecosystems Progress

Open Telecom initiatives continue to grow, as the benefits of belonging to NFV ecosystems are so compelling: working together, private cloud infrastructure, software and systems vendors are helping service providers "future proof" their networks and improve service agility, while avoiding vendor lock-in and continuing to build the basis for the development and launching of new and innovative services. 

The Five Trends in Service Provider Network Transformation from our Conversations with Global Leaders

Over the last several years, we have been working with some of the largest and most successful Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in the world, and it's been fascinating to be part of their transformation teams, contributing to their large-scale projects, as virtualized and software defined networks emerge and legacy networks continue to fade into the past. 

Network Evolution Trends that are Ruling the Real-Time Communications World

The majority of my time is spent helping our more than 700 service provider customers better serve their customers through more agile, efficient and powerful communications networks. Serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Network for GENBAND has given me unique insights into the issues and pain points that are facing today’s service providers. Every day my team and I help customers ranging from the largest operators in the world to rural service providers solve their communications issues and improve their networks.

Looking Forward to Sharing My Take on UC and WebRTC at UC EXPO

Spring finally sprung in London last week with sunny days and temperatures in the 20s (70s).  It almost seems a shame to ask sun-starved Londoners to head indoors this week for one of the year’s biggest unified communications (UC) events, UC EXPO.  On the plus side, the good weather should ensure a busy event.  GENBAND will be showing off our UC and WebRTC solutions and will be supporting our newest