GENBANDCare Advanced Services

Expand your access to GENBAND’s world-class global team of technical support experts through the new Advanced Service portfolio. GENBANDCare’s Advanced Service portfolio offers a suite of specialized premium support services delivered by GENBAND seasoned professionals to maximize customer return on investment. Move beyond simple break fix maintenance support and take advantage of unique GENBAND services geared toward enhancing customer’s daily support operations.

Early Life Onsite Support  – Targeted for GENBAND customers with new GENBAND solutions, the Early Life Onsite Support offer in the GENBANDCare Advanced Services portfolio, is aimed at developing the technical support and troubleshooting skillset of customer support personnel. An onsite GENBAND engineer will facilitate quick ramp of customer support personnel into successfully managing day to day maintenance activities and ensuring smooth early life transition to supporting a new GENBAND system. Key deliverables include:

  • Daily onsite maintenance support assistance and experience sharing, subject matter expertise, hand holding through open case resolution with customer support personnel
  • Onsite practice troubleshooting drills / scenarios, demos, informal whiteboard reviews held to train customer support team on maintenance of GENBAND solution and impart knowledge transfer geared toward daily support know how
  • Demonstrate methods to isolate issues within the GENBAND solution from the solution level to the element or node level, data collection and analysis, problem assessment, technical research on Product Documentation and known issues


GENBANDCare Advanced Service Benefits:

  • Faster ramp of internal GENBAND support skillset and knowledge of GENBAND solutions
  • Hands-on with an onsite GENBAND technical support expert – go beyond classroom training
  • Improved CSAT / Support Experience


Tiered Software Audit and Planning Service  – With the ever increasing pace of software development and sophistication, it is very easy overlook basic maintenance and preventative support processes, creating a situation that can cause dramatic and negative impacts on system performance. Software based platforms that are not regularly updated with the most current software often become susceptible to a variety of issues including system downtime, database corruptions and security breaches. Ensure your GENBAND system is running the most current GENBAND software fixes, technical bulletins, and recommended configurations. The GENBANDCare Tiered Software Audit and Planning service provides a range of service options to address these issues, all delivered by the GENBAND SW Delivery team of experts.

  • Provides software patch audit, software health check audits, alarm analysis, and the option of application of outstanding audit results (patches, bulletins)
  • The Software Audit and  Planning  Service is available in three tiers to allow better alignment to individual customer needs
  • SW Audit Service (patch and Maintenance Release checks). Audit only available
  • Full Audit and Planning service provide audit plus back-up scheduling/capture, application of needed GENBAND bulletins, and analysis and Root Cause of alarms
    • Patch & MR application
    • Analysis & recommendation of alarms
    • Application of needed bulletins
    • Backup  scheduling and verification




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