Ribbon Assurance is an advanced suite of analytical tools and services designed to manage an operator’s service assurance agreements.  It enables the verification, validation and reporting of line and session quality issues in real-time, as well as tracking and swift closure of customer reported issues.

Ribbon's Assurance empowers operators to optimize their networks – technically and financially – through an enhanced understanding of network usage, network profitability, network performance metrics, and mean time to repair (MTTR) reports.  It reduces customer churn by efficiently communicating customer-reported issues and proactively ensuring the reliability and predictability of network operations with capabilities such as the automatic issuing and closing of trouble tickets.

Ribbon Assurance Benefits

  • Quality Assurance -- provides an extensive suite of quality metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Key Capacity Indicators (KCIs) and quality assurance capabilities
  • Customer Satisfaction -- highlights potential issues including congestion and outages, resolving threats in real-time and safeguarding subscriber satisfaction
  • Quick Resolution -- empowers CSRs with the tools and knowledge base to solve many customer issues immediately without sending the problems to the next support level
  • Simplified Management -- a collection of tools and monitoring capabilities focused on enhancing the end-user experience and planning for network growth
  • Service Visibility -- provides real-time status of the network without having to send engineers to the field; identifies patterns and highlights possible issues to CSRs
  • Investment Optimization -- enables capital investment optimization by improving network efficiencies and fostering revenue growth