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Business communications are always evolving.  With SIP well over 10 years old, we’ve gone from old touch-tone to Voice of IP.  With M&A happening every day, workers are now communicating with their colleagues around the world.  Many meetings and collaboration today happen over Skype or other video enabled media.  The pace of communication and how we communicate changes constantly. 

To keep pace, you need a zero trust security policy.  A lot of enterprises have adopted a layered security posture. However, the UC components of their communications is a particularly big vulnerability because of the size of the pipes. It’s not just voice calls, but video calls. Your systems can see a lot of data moving through these pipes and assume that’s totally normal. That creates an opportunity for threats to use the UC system not just to get in, but to get out with whatever they are stealing.  It is a big deal!

Ribbon’s suite of security, fraud management and intelligent network operations solutions for RTC networks enables you to turn potential threats and key performance indicators (KPIs) into actionable information.

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Big-data analytics to secure and monitor UC Networks

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Protecting the real-time communications network from bad actors

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