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Federal agency and departments require secure and scalable communications, whether their mission is civilian or military.  That's why it's no surprise that millions of government personnel rely on Ribbon solutions every day.  Ribbon solutions secure IP communications as well as deliver PBX services and unified communications. Ribbon's service provider and Nortel heritage make it uniquely qualified to migrate legacy TDM services to secure IP networks.  Ribbon enables organizations to leverage their significant investments in upgraded data networks to decommission aging voice-only infrastructure and deliver more reliable, secure and innovative IP communication services.  

JITC certified

Ribbon is committed to supporting federal agencies with JITC certified solutions that drive productivity, ensure security and operate at scale. Riboon solutions are JITC Certified for Enterprise Session Controller (ESC). Local Session Controller (LSC) and Session Border Controller (SBC). (Note: Ribbon Communication is the merger of Sonus Network and GENBAND, some elements may appear on the APL under their former names for a short period of time.). Learn more about Ribbon's JITC solution on our dedicated JITC landing page

Overcome Common Barriers to IP Migration

  • Scale & Resiliency - Ribbon provides field-proven, carrier-grade solutions with geo-redundancy that scale to millions of seats and sessions.
  • Analog Migration - Ribbon's G5 Media Gateway scales to 768 ports per chassis assuring support for thousands of analog phones, even on long loop copper.
  • Nortel TDM Phone Preservation - Ribbon's C20 call controller can migrate CS2100 and SL-100 deployments.
  • Proprietary Lock-in - Ribbon solutions use industry standard SIP phones - don't replace one proprietary solution with another
  • Session Management and Mediation - Ribbon's SBCs and centralized session work in concert to migrate connectivity over time - avoiding the need to flash cut services. And SIP mediation services can mitigate interoperability issues.

Focus on Security

Ribbon secures communications for federal agencies, whether on-premises or remote. Simplify network elements, enable new services and reduce expense from legacy voice-only networks 

  • Ribbon SBCs protect the UC network, at wire speed throughput, from devastating DoS attacks, as-well-as maintain full session capacity while running multiple services.
  • Ribbon SBCs performance capacity remains unaffected by heavy encryption or transcoding loads while thwarting network attacks.
  • Ribbon virtualized solutions deliver advanced functionality and high-end SIP services to small, medium and large agencies anywhere in the world – at a better value point.



Municipal Governments and Agencies

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Department of Defense (DoD) Application Server

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