Cloud Communications "as a Service"

Service providers' traditional revenue sources are under attack. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twilio and other non-traditional providers are all creating communication solutions. Most CSPs struggle to assemble the internal resources required to defend their base let alone launch competitive services.  Ribbon understands; that's why we launched our Kandy cloud services. Kandy provides multiple avenues to rapidly deliver communication services without requiring a multi-year network upgrade plan. Kandy moves the focus away from infrastructure, to creating new ways to compete and win.

More than UCaaS or CPaaS 

Given the breadth of competition, service providers need a cloud provider that can enable multiple offers, Kandy is ready to deliver.  Connect to the Kandy cloud and accelerate time to market with: 

Cloud Communications "as a Service" Portfolio

Cloud Communications "as a Service"

Use the Kandy Cloud to accelerate time to market

Kandy Business Solutions - UCaaS

A complete suite of Unified Communication (UC) services

Kandy Platform for CPaaS Services

Cloud based, real-time communications software development platform

Kandy SIP Trunking - STaaS

Stop playing catch-up and deliver feature-rich SIP trunks now

Kandy Wrappers - Applications

Turnkey, pre-built applications built on the Kandy CPaaS

WebRTC Gateway

Bridging Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks and the Web

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