Fixed Network Evolution

Ribbon is leading the way to help fixed, mobile, MSO and interconnect Service Providers significantly modernize and transform their legacy networks for services agility and operational and business effectiveness. Our Network Modernization portfolio includes IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) solutions for fixed, MSO and Voice over LTE networks as well as Local, Regional and Tandem/Transit network transformation solutions for fixed Service Providers. Our extensive Intelligent Messaging Solutions for Voice Mail system transformation are utilized by many large fixed and mobile service providers and help them modernize their messaging services.

Ribbon’s extensive Network Transformation portfolio also includes market leading Network Virtualization solutions that includes high performance Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and a VNF Manager

Fixed Network Evolution Portfolio

Hosted Unified Communications

The mobile and web-based collaboration tools businesses need

Intelligent Session Control

Dramatically increase your responsiveness to customer traffic demands for real-time communications

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

Best-in-Class IMS core, access, and interconnect elements

Local Network IP Transformation

Consolidate and modernize your infrastructure

Residential Services

Innovative residential VoIP services

Regional IP Network Transformation

For Independent Operating Careers

SIP Trunking Access

Market-leading SIP trunk security and mediation capabilities

SS7 Signaling

The state of network signaling for your network can be described by three characteristics: maturity of the…

Tandem Network Transformation

Modern IP-based interconnects

Voicemail Transformation Messaging

Cloud Ready, Software-Based modern messaging platform

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