Mobile Client

The Ribbon Mobile Client (MC) delivers a completely transparent native Wi-Fi and LTE Calling experience on Android smartphones that do not have native Wi-Fi Calling from the handset manufacturer. The MC enables MNOs and MVNOs to extend IMS-based voice and messaging services over both Wi-Fi and LTE access networks for Android users, with some important business benefits.

Mobile Client Business Benefits

  • Solve indoor or other poor coverage challenges by using Wi-Fi access to improve the user experience, reduce churn and retain voice minutes that could be lost to competitors, including OTT players.
  • Lower the cost of voice roaming in high tariff countries using local Wi-Fi or LTE data access.
  • For MNOs, LTE Calling can assist the migration from 3G to LTE by preferring the LTE data path for voice calls.
  • For MVNOs, Wi-Fi and LTE calling can reduce interconnection costs by moving voice traffic to IP based data access networks whenever possible.

A clear advantage is that the MC can energize the entire Android subscriber base for IP voice and messaging in just days after a service launch. A Google Play Store download eases initial distribution and subsequent updates. The MC may be individually customized for each operator’s brand.

The Ribbon Mobile Client is compatible with IMS systems designed for VoLTE and VoWiFi from all major IMS infrastructure vendors, including Ribbon’s Virtual Mobile Core.

Mobile Client Features & Benefits

  • Provides a native, “same as cellular” Wi-Fi and LTE Calling user experience
  • Deployable on all new and legacy devices running Android OS 4.1 and later
  • Handover between Wi-Fi and LTE and to 2G/3G networks (3GPP SRVCC, DRVCC)
  • In-call supplementary services including ad-hoc multi-party conferencing
  • Optional messaging interface for SMS over IP
  • Emergency call handling, and multiple secure transport methods
  • A range of standard and high definition voice codecs
  • Complete integration with the Android call log, message log and address book
  • Fully GSMA IR.51 and IR.92 standards compliant